SARSCoV2 Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test Device RAT Nasal 25's

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Identify potentially covid-19 contagious patients with or without symptoms in 15 minutes to reduce virus spread.

Fast, simple and reliable, the Rapid Antigen Test Device provides results in 15 minutes. These tests are used by healthcare professionals in over 100 countries.

Easy to use, with simple step-by-step instructions using a nasal swab, and can be used for all ages (children under 14 should be supported by an adult). With regular testing at home or work, you and your business can know your status so you can take actions to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

 The purpose of Rapid Antigen Testing for businesses

  • Support the uptake of frequent COVID-19 testing in high priority settings
  • Increase the proportion of people who can access frequent testing
  • Reduce the number of people with undiagnosed COVID-19 infection in priority settings.

 Rapid Antigen Testing scenarios

  • Screening unvaccinated employees
  • Screening asymptomatic employees
  • Random general workplace surveillance
  • Screening contractors i.e. those wishing to enter a workplace, building site etc

 Benefits of implementing Rapid Antigen Test Device for your workplace?

  • Minimize service delays or business shutdowns by surveilling workforce regularly to detect COVID early
  • Get test results in 15 minutes – no need to wait for employees or contractors to get results from other testing procedures i.e. PCR
  • Piece of mind for employees and customers

See this video for more details on use

 Product Information: 25 Tests per box