AA Smartfuel Rewards

Rewards with AA SmartFuel/OneCard!

If you are in NZ you can also accumulate AA Smartfuel/OneCard Fuel Rewards:

Are you a member of the Automobile Association (AA) or have signed up for an AA Smartfuel/OneCard (Countdown)?  You can accumulate savings towards your fuel simply by shopping with us. Just send us your AA Membership Card/AA Smartfuel OneCard number by typing it in the “extra instructions” box when placing your order online or simply send it via email and we will process it for you. 


How does AA Smartfuel Work?

AA Smartfuel/OneCard rewards with NZ Online Chemist are:

  • Spend $25 or more and receive 2c Off Per Litre of fuel
  • Spend $40 or more and receive 4c Off Per Litre of fuel
  • Spend $100 or more and receive 15c Off Per Litre of fuel

Everyone can use AA Smartfuel and it’s free!

Watch your fuel savings add up when you shop at participating retail outlets and service providers across New Zealand.
To redeem, fuel up and swipe at a participating BP/g.a.s. service station and your accumulated savings get knocked off the pump price.
Pick up a free AA Smartfuel card from participating retailers (including BP, g.a.s. and AA Centres), or use your existing AA Membership card.

For more comprehensive information, please visit www.aasmartfuel.co.nz