Actifresh Foot Spray 100mL

Smelly Feet

SKU: 2383403

  • Servre foot odour
  • Active lifestyles
  • Wearing sandals or shoes with no socks
  • Wearing synthetic or leather shoes
  • Occasional sufferers of foot odour
  • Children and teenagers

Peditech Actifresh Odour Spray Targets the cause

Unlike other foot odour products, Peditech Actifresh Odour Spray does not simply mask the odour but targets the cause.

ActiFresh stops the bacteria that cause odour and creates a dynamic environment where these bacteria can no longer thrive.

Peditech Actifresh Odour Spray lets your skin breath

It is important for your skin to breathe in order to eliminate toxins naturally from your body.

Unlike anti-persipirant products which block skin pores, ActiFresh safely removes the problem of foot odour whilst. allowing your skin to breath.