Anti-Covid E.Bus Hand+Surface Sanitiser & Deodoriser 100mL Spray


SKU: 29073

Ingredients: Stable sodium hypochlorite 0.001% (stabilised sodium hypochlorite without adding a preservatives/additives) in purified  water 99.999%. 1600puffs/100mL

1. Safety:  No irritation to mouth, eyes, skin or lungs; AND no toxicity, corrosion, volatility/flammability or bleaching.

2. Strong immediate sterilisation
3. Powerful Deodorant
4. Long-term storage: 1 year after opening; Unopened for up to 3 years

The liquid Safer-jin E-BUS (100ml) is a portable product to sterilise germs and viruses by spraying them where you want. Safer-jin's product features are made from materials that are safe to touch even to the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin. It is a weak alkaline substance that is not cancerous, does not cause metal corrosion, and does not have explosive or flammable properties.

■ Is it safe?
Safer-jin component is the same component that is released by white blood cells in the blood when attacking bacteria or viruses. It destroys cell membranes and cell walls by oxidizing bacteria or viruses, and denatures proteins and nucleic acids inside. The result is to disable it. In addition, Safer-jin has been designated as a food additive and has been shown to be free of oral toxicity, skin damage, eye irritation, carcinogenicity, bleaching, and corrosion.

■ Sterilisation ability: 99.999% sterilisation, disinfection and deodorisation of most viruses and bacteria:
Norovirus, influenza, Parvovirus, Coronavirus (MERS), O-157 virus, Salmonella, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Staphylococcus aureus, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin resistant enterococcus, Pneumococcus, Listeria P. aeruginosa, Legionella, Lung pathogen, Chlamydia, Pseudomonas Newcastle virus, HIV virus (AIDS), Serratia
Polio virus, Hepatitis virus.

●Strong deodorisation for smells caused by 
vomiting, toilets, foods/pet/cigarette smells;

 ●Sanitising fruits and veges after handling; sanitisation of toilet seats and restrooms; doorknobs, tables, trash bins etc.