Cerumol Ear Drops 10ml

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This preparation contains chlorobutanol, dichlorobenzene and arachis oil (peanut oil). This combination is used to soften ear wax. Ear wax is a normal secretion of the ear. It is produced to provide a protective layer in the ear and on the ear drum. There are times when too much wax is produced. This can result hearing difficulties. Wax is normally removed by flushing the ear with warm water. If there is a lot of wax or the wax is very hard, the wax needs to be softened using ear drops, such as chlorobutanol drops. These are used for up to three days before the ear wax is removed by a health care worker. Use Approximately five drops should be instilled into the ear and left for 10-30 minutes according to the degree of hardness of the ear wax. Should the Cerumol tend to run out, a small plug of cotton wool smeared with Cerumol can be applied. The loosened ear wax may then clear from the ear by itself or be removed by gently syringing. More than one application may be necessary when the ear is severely impacted. In some cases the instillation of two or three drops of Cerumol twice daily for three or four days may clear the ear and so make syringing unnecessary Ingredients Chlorbutol 5% w/v Ortho-dichlorobenzene 14% w/v Para-dichlorobenzene 2% w/v Arachis Oil 57% w/v Important notes Avoid contact with eyes and skin, avoid breathing vapour. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Use within six months of opening.