Duro-Tuss Expectorant 200ml

Cough Medicines

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Description & Use Duro-tuss expectorant reduces coughing and helps clear chests. Sugar free - suitable for diabetics. Alcohol free. Grenadine flavour. Dosage Up to 4 times a day. Adults: 1-15ml. Children: 6-12yrs 5-1ml. 2-5yrs 2.5-5ml. Under 2yrs consult your doctor. Active Ingredients Bromhexine Hydrochloride, Pholcodine, Sorbitol. Inactive Ingredients sorbitol 3.8g, propyl hydroxybenzoate, methyl hydroxybenzoate and saccharin sodium. Storage & Disposal Store Below 30?C. Warnings Do not use if seal is broken, shake the bottle and keep out of reach of children