Ethical Nutrients Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil Fruit 280ml

Ethical Nutrients

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Ethical Nutrients Hi-Strength Fish Oilis a purified,deodorised, fruit-punch flavoured, gelatin-freeliquid Fish Oil supplement.

Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil represents the state of the art in purified fish oils. Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil undergoes molecular distillation to provide high quality and purity. It is sourced from oily cold-water fish.

As a supplement for cardiovascular health and cognitive function, Hi-Strength Liquid Fish Oil may:

  • Support a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Help to maintain normal healthy cholesterol levels in healthy people.
  • Support healthy cognitive function.

Why take fish oil for Arthritis?

A great deal of research has emerged on the benefits of omega-3 essential fatty acids in a wide range of health conditions, especially arthritis.

It is interesting to know that our bodies can't make their own essential fatty acids and therefore these must be obtained from the diet.

Although some vegetable and seed oils can be a source of essential fatty acids, humans don't convert these to omega-3's very well. For this reason, it is difficult to obtain therapeutic amounts of omega-3's from vegetable oils. Fish oils however, are a source of pre-formed omega-3 essential fatty acids so all the hard work has already been done!

This is why, when treating conditions such as arthritis, where therapeutic amounts of omega-3 essential fats are required for a therapeutic effect, fish oil is by far the easiest way of obtaining these high doses of omega-3's.