EVOLU Act Age-Def Firm Eye Cr 25ml


SKU: 2517965

This plant-powered firming eye cream is a treatment essential to address under-eye bags and correct dark shadows. The silk-textured formulation is supercharged with collagen-boosting Ulva marine algae and skin-plumping proteins from Oat kernel and Alfalfa seed extracts, which act with Lupin's lymph-draining abilities to lift, firm and brighten. Kiwifruit's omega-3 fatty acids help scavenge free radicals, boosted by pure Vitamin E for enhanced defence against visible signs of aging.. 

Botanical actives:

OAT KERNEL EXTRACT polysaccharides
ALFALFA + LUPIN EXTRACTS oligopeptides, oligosaccharides
ULVA MARINE ALGAE antioxidants
KIWIFRUIT SEED OIL vitamin C, Omega-3