FREEMAN BF P&P Foot Scrub 150ml

Facial Cleansers or Scrubs

SKU: 2335808

Get soft feet with Freeman Bare Foot Scrub. It is made with extracts of plum and peppermint, so your feet will feel invigorated as this exfoliating formula tackles the rough, dry patches on your soles and heels. This creamy pumice foot scrub in a 5.3-fl-oz bottle, now includes tea tree oil to help soothe and relax tired feet. Simple to use, you can readily incorporate it into your self-care routine to get your feet looking the way you desire. This Freeman foot scrub can help remove the dry skin feet tend to get from footwear or going barefoot. The soothing additives ensure your feet feel a deeper relief from the daily stress of regular use. Pamper yourself just a bit at home or on the go with this specially created formula.