Hartleys Gripe Water 200ml

Colic, Constipation & Heartburn

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Hartleys Gripe Water is a gentle way to relieve the pain of wind and minor upsets in babies and infants. Hartleys Gripe Water contains the especially selected natural essential oil of the carminative herb Dill, together with meadowsweet, traditionally used as an antacid.

3,000 years of recorded use and modern day research supports the use of Dill as a digestive aid, listed also in the British Pharmacopoeia for use by formulating retail pharmacists since the early 1900's. The herb relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract and studies show that it helps prevent the formation of intestinal gas bubbles. Also is known as an infection fighter, settling and emptying the lower bowel area whilst inhibiting the growth of bacteria that attack the intestinal tract.

Meadowsweet neutralises excess stomach acid providing an anti-inflammatory action, antacid action and is also known for its urinary antiseptic quality.