Health Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide 20vol 100ml

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Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide 10vol 100ml

Hydrogen Peroxide 10 vol is a mild alternative to chlorine bleach. It can be used as a gentle topical antiseptic, and also makes for a great all-purpose cleaner for kitchen and bathroom, and can be used as a stain remover for delicate fabrics.

For use on minor nicks, grazes and minor skin irritations to kill germs- Apply neat with a cotton bud to affected area. Allow to dry before dressing. Prolonged or continued use for first aid is not advised. If symptoms continue or worsen see your doctor

For blood stains on clothing- Dab on Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide (10 vol) and leave for 20 minutes before rinsing off . Colour test a hidden piece of fabric before you start as Hydrogen Peroxide 10vol can fade fabric colour. Do not use on woollen or nylon fabrics.

To keep white clothes, towels and sheets white- Add a cup of Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide to your wash. (10vol).

A disinfectant for surfaces- For chopping boards and cleaning cloths.

Disinfect toothbrushes by soaking in Home Essentials Hydrogen Peroxide.(10 vol)