Healtheries Iron & Vitamin 30s


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  • Iron is an essential mineral that your body uses to make haemoglobin – a red blood cell protein that supports your immunity and energy levels
  • Iron also helps to form important mood-related brain chemicals, and to protect your cells against free radical damage
  • Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C tablets provide you with 20mg of easily-absorbed elemental Iron, plus Vitamin C to boost absorption

Most women know Iron can support their energy levels, but not everyone knows why. Your body uses this mineral to create the red blood cell protein that carries oxygen throughout your body, which makes it critical for healthy energy levels and immunity. Beyond that, Iron also helps your body to form mood-related brain chemicals called neurotransmitters, and to combat free radical damage.

Healtheries Iron & Vitamin C tablets give you 20mg of elemental Iron in an easily-absorbed form – Ferrous gluconate. And because Vitamin C can significantly increase Iron absorption, each tablet also provides 40mg of Vitamin C.

  • Topping up low dietary Iron levels, especially if you:
    • follow a vegetarian diet
    • are prone to heavy bleeding during your period
    • are pregnant or breastfeeding
    • have poor digestion or low stomach acidity
    • are in training for an extreme sports event