Infatrini Liquid Bottle 125ml

Infant Formula

SKU: 2537923

Nutricia is delighted to announce that Infatrini 100ml glass bottles will be replaced by 125ml plastic bottles from January 2015. This completes our move away from glass across our core paediatric range.

There are a number of key benefits to this change:
- Safer to handle
- More practical
- Eco friendly

Other points to note about the 125ml bottle:
- There is no change to the nutritional composition of Infatrini. It’s a packaging change only.
- The new bottle contains an extra 25ml of product.
- For tube feeding, the new Infatrini 125ml bottle is compatible with the Nutricia Flocare Bottle Adapter
- For oral feeding, a standard teat fits the new Infatrini 125ml bottle.
- The 125ml bottles are completely recyclable.