LiveBrew 1Litre Bottle (10 days Supply)


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Why don't you give LiveBrew probiotic a test?
LiveBrew is an intact fermentation containing abundant living lactobacilli, commensal microbes that support the lactobacilli, and low numbers of live yeast. The primary ?food? for the microbes is molasses and there is a very small amount of salt, dolomite, and kelp in LiveBrew. All of the sugars in the molasses are consumed by the microbes before bottling.

Drink 100mL daily. Can be consumed straight or mixed with juice or water.

What is different about LiveBrew?
We created a unique production method that keeps the probiotic bacteria alive and active in our fresh liquid product through the entire shelf life shown on the bottle.

The microbes in BioBrew products are selected to survive the rigours of the digestive system, including stomach acids and bile salts. Unlike freeze-dried products, the microbes in LiveBrew are active and working from the moment they are ingested.

BioBrew Ltd., is the only manufacturer of fresh probiotic products that combine multiple strains of live, active probiotic microbes with the beneficial metabolites (e.g., organic acids) produced by those microbes with the viability guaranteed throughout the shelf life period.

The results speak for themselves?