LS Spirulina + Vit C 60Cap


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Energy and Immunity

A sustained long-lasting energy boost

100% ethical, sustainable and certified organic

Proteins, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants & plant pigments

Enhanced immunity - strengthens andpowers your immune system

Spirulina could well be the perfect food and the most natural way to significantly improve your energy levels and nutritional balance. Now we have made it even better.

Only in LifestreamCertified OrganicSpirulina +Certified OrganicVitamin C will you get protein, enzymes, carotenoids and natural healthy plant pigments; delivered in a perfect blend by nature. More and more research emerges everyday from scientist and nutritionists identifying powerful plants, such as spirulina and acerola that contain special health-enhancing nutritional compounds.

LifestreamCertified OrganicSpirulina +Certified OrganicVitamin C is perfect for those wanting to support their immune system, boost energy levels,for people recuperating, or run down, worn out and for during the ill and chills season.

Lifestream Certified OrganicSpirulina is unique in that it delivers a much higher antioxidant level than any other spirulina. It contains high levels of phytonutients including carotenoids, iron, GLA, xanthophylls and chlorophyll. It also contains the powerful enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD).

LifestreamNatural Vitamin C is made from certified organic acerola berries that are rich in natural vitamin C. This powerful little berry is the natural alternative to synthetic ascorbic acid. Most Vitamin C supplements available today are artificially produced from corn glucose, via chemical and/or fermentation processes. Lifestream Natural Vitamin C does not contain any synthetic ascorbic acid or anything artificial.