Macks Snore Mufflers Silicone 6 Pairs

Ear Plugs

SKU: 2380617

Macks Snore Mufflers earplugs are made of hypo-allergenic, mouldable, silicone putty. Snore Mufflers mould easily to the individual contours of any ear and once positioned, they apply no pressure to the ear ensuring uncompromising comfort for a good nights sleep.

Snore Mufflers are perfect for sleeping with a partner who snores, loud neighbours, noisy travel partners and hunting buddies. They’re also very helpful in air travel, and loud industrial situations as they can protect your ears from noises up to 107 dB. The bright orange colour helps to ensure they’re easy to find on your bedside table and also pass compliance checks in the workplace. The Macks Snore Mufflers is sold in a pack of 6 pairs.