MigraineX Ear Plugs 1pr

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  • MigraineX ALL NATURAL Solution for your WEATHER Related Discomfort
  • FREE APP Alerts You When Headaches Are Coming (Apple & Android)
  • Use With Your Existing Medications, Only Proactive Product On Market
  • Filter Slows The Pressure Change In Your Head, As It Happens 

MigraineX is an all-natural, drug-free option to use with your existing medication. The ear device utliizes a CeramX filter specifically designed to deal with ground level changes in atmospheric pressure.  This filter allows the pressure in a sufferer's middle ear to experience a more gradual change, rather than being at the will of the weather around you.

This is the first product to specifically manage the change in atmospheric pressure that triggers many migraine sufferer's symptoms.

With the help of the free MigraineX app (Apple/Android), you have the tools to know ahead of time. The app will send you a push notification of upcoming weather systems that may trigger a weather-related migraine.

Don't know if weather affects your migraines? If your headache symptoms coincide with an alert from the MigraineX app, our product will help! If no symptoms occur after an alert, you're likely in the clear from weather-related events!

For over 20 years, Cirrus has helped airplane flyers deal with their pressure problems. EarPlanes, our flagship product available for Adults and Children, helps travelers with flight discomfort stemming from changes in elevation (during take-off and landing).