Morlife Psyllium Husks 333g


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Morlife Pure Psyllium Husks are a natural, soluble fiber containing potently high mucilage properties.

Psyllium provides the benefits of fiber for intestinal cleansing and maintenance for healthy bowel function, making it a particularly supplement for individuals who have a low dietary intake of fiber.

The health of the intestinal tract is an important factor in any detoxification program, especially considering that 70% of your immunity lies within the gastrointestinal tract. This detox program can be used every 6 months.

Detoxification is important because of the many common pollutants and toxins our bodies are exposed to everyday. If the liver and digestive tract become overloaded, cells that line the intestinal wall can become damaged and more permeable. This can lead to the re-absorption of toxins which disrupt the delicate balance in the gut, causing constipation, bloating, excessive flatulence, irregular bowel movements and overgrowth of harmful bacteria. Toxin overdose may make you feel tired, irritable, nauseous and