NaturoPharm Breastfeeding Pack 2x Spray & Gel

NaturoPharm Homeopathic

SKU: 375268

This extra value triple pack contains Milk Flow and Milk Stop oral sprays and 30g Nipplemed Relief Cream for external use. Milk Flow helps promote normal breast milk production and supports natural breast function. Nipplemed Relief Cream promotes healthy nipples during breastfeeding and promotes natural healing of the skin. Milk Stop supports the body during weaning. Milk-Flow is Beneficial for: promoting normal breast milk production supporting natural breast function Milk-Stop is Beneficial for: supporting the mother’s body during weaning of a child from breastfeeding Nipplemed Cream is Beneficial for: promoting healthy nipples during breastfeeding assisting with the natural healing of the skin


Milk-Flow Contains: homoeopathic potencies of Asafoetida 30c, Bryonia 30c, Calc Carb 30c, Phytolacca 60x and Pulsatilla 60x.

Milk-Stop Contains: homoeopathic potencies of Belladonna 30c, Lac Caninum 30c and Urtica Urens 12x 30x 60x.

Nipplemed Relief Cream contains: the tinctures of Aloe 2.5%, Calendula 5% and Hypericum 2.5% and extract of Rose Oil 0.5% in a paraben-free, non-greasy aqueous cream base.