Normacol Grans Plus 500g


SKU: 275328

Normacol Plus granules contains Sterculia, a natural fibre product and Frangul a natural gentle laxative. Sterculia is a vegetable gum obtained from the Karaya tree. Sterculia has the advantage of providing fibre in a form that does not produce flatulence and wind commonly associated with other fibre products. Frangula is a traditional herbal laxative. Together these two ingredients act by promoting dietary fibre and additional laxative effect to bring natural relief from constipation. Normacol Plus granules are designed to provide bulk in the bowel where it's needed and not in the stomach. This avoids bloating, which can occur with some gel-forming products. Active Ingredients: Sterculia 62%, Frangula bark 8%. Dosage: Adults: 1-2 heaped teaspoonsful with water once or twice daily. Children: half adult dosage. Warnings: Drink at least one full glass of liquid with each dose.