Nutralife Turmeric 18500mg + Ultra Strength 30s


SKU: 2524422

Nutra-Life Ultra Strength Turmeric 18.500+ combines high strength Turmeric with black pepper, to support healthy joints and intestinal health in a single daily dose.
  • Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, is the active component of Turmeric and is widely studied for its benefits in managing the body’s responses to inflammation
  • Formulated to a high strength with Turmeric 18500mg and equivalent Curcuminoids 703mg  (a chemical compound and the active component of Curcumin) 
  • Contains Black pepper (Piper nigrum) formulated at 600mg with the equiv. Piperine (the active component of Piper nigrum) at 6mg to support increased absorption