Premeno Duo Vaginal Ovules 10pk

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SKU: 2522101

Premeno® duo are vaginal ovules for the treatment of vaginal dryness, caused by menopause, stress, breast feeding or antihormonal chemotherapy, with or without local hormone therapy. Regular use ensures that adequate vaginal moistness is always maintained, which also improves sexual sensation.

Premono duo improves natural defences against vaginal infections: preventive treatment of vaginitis (vaginal infection) and vaginal mycosis (fungal infection of the vagina).
It may also assist with recurrent uncomplicated UTI's, which frequently result from disturbed vaginal environment -  by supporting the healing of the damaged tissue more rapidly and maintaining optimum vaginal environment, it makes the tissue less susceptible to another infection

Can be used in conjunction with antibiotic treatments and also directly after anti-fungal treatment, to help heal and prevent recurrent Candida infections.