PRILIGY Dapoxetine HCl 60mg Tablets 6 (PRESCRIPTION ONLY)

Non-Subsidised Items

SKU: 2461668

We can dispense and deliver your prescription medicines to your door within NEW ZEALAND only and under the following conditions:

(1) Please ask your practitioner to directly fax your prescription to NZ Online Chemist: Fax 09 416 1703, and ask them to deliver the original prescription to Shop 6, 45 Luckens Rd, West Harbour, Auckland 0618. Alternatively it can be emailed by your practitioner to then posted to us.

If you are sending it yourself, please email us or fax us a copy of the prescription first and then send the original to our physical address above. Always provide us with your full contact details and shipping address if not already on your prescription. We will dispatch it once we receive both the original prescription in the mail and payment.

(2) Payment methods include: internet banking; Credit Card over the phone or through our website by pre-purchasing the correct item & quantity or it can be arranged by the pharmacist who will send you a link (via email) for an invoice/online checkout.

(3) We will give you a call in few days after to follow up, provide counselling and answer any questions you may have.


This Non-Subsidised Prescription items (NSS) can be pre-purchased in original packs. If your online order differs to what the prescriber has given you on prescription (i.e. not a full original pack) and you have overpaid, we will credit the balance accordingly. However, if you have underpaid for some reason we will have to request further payment which we will arrange.

We will NOT dispense/deliver any prescriptions NOT written by a currently registered New Zealand Doctor, Midwife or Dentist, even if you pre-purchased the item online here. You will be charged a 20% refund fee if you have pre-purchased it online and your prescription does not meet the criteria set out in our policy.

We will NOT deliver any prescription items Overseas, even if it is written or counter-signed by a New Zealand practitioner.
Please read our "Prescription Policy" for more information.

For any queries, please call us on 09 416 1703 (Auckland) or 0800 NZ CHEMIST or email us: