Sarakan Toothpaste 50ml

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Sarakan toothpaste and mouthfresh were first developed 40 years ago by a British army doctor serving in India. He noticed that the Indian people seemed to have good teeth and gums despite their generally low quality of nutrition. Looking into the reasons why it appeared it was the regular use of chewing on sticks from a shrub called Salvadora persica,or the "toothbrush tree."

This plant is widespread throughout the Middle East,Africa and Asia and is well known for its powerful antiseptic and curative properties. When he returned to the UK,he decided to develop a toothpaste which would suit the European market. Both the toothpaste and mouthwash are made from the extract of Salvadora persica and flavoured with peppermint,clove and geranium.

They are suitable for both adults and children,contain no sugar,alcohol,artificial colours or preservatives are sodium lauryl sulphate free.