Sebamed Cleansing Bar 150g


SKU: 735159

100% Soap and Alkali-free 
• Paraben-free 
• Preservative-free 
• With pH value of 5.5 - the same pH of healthy skin 
• Gently deep-cleans pores without causing dryness or irritation as regular soap can. 
• An effective moisturizing complex, containing essential skin related amino acids, vitamins and lecithin, promotes the moisturize retaining capacity of your skin 
• The pH value of 5.5 maintains the balance of the acid mantle's hydro-lipid system and its protective barrier function against damaging environmental influences. 
• Vitamin E scavenges free-radicals 
• Skin-related squalane supports the maintenance of the skin’s moisture balance 
• Ideal for sensitive skin 
• Dermatologically and clinically tested If you have a skin disease or soap intolerance, you can use this product as a therapy supportive skin care.