Silberhorn PuffPlus Relief 60s


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PuffPluss has been formulated to support respiratory health and the maintenance of clear airways. It contains herbs that have been used for supporting respiratory wellness for centuries. Formulated under a Naturopaths guidance we are confident that PuffPluss maysupport a healthy respiratory tract and normal breathing.

Listed below are the herbs contained in PuffPluss:

Elecampane:Supports mucus removal from the respiratory tract.

Fenugreek:Supportsthe clearing of mucus andmay helpsoften catarrh and mucus and supports the maintenance of clear airways.

Marshmallow:may helpsoothemucus membranes.

Garlicsupports healthy blood circulation and the removal of (mucous) from the body andthe immune defences,

Horsetailsupports cardiovascular,kidneyandlung health.

In conclusion PuffPluss capsules along with 6 glasses of water and the reduction or elimination of dairy products which create mucus, will support respiratory health and mucus removal.