Swisse Kids Vitamin C & Zinc 50s


SKU: 2501392

Swisse Kids Vitamin C + Zinc is a premium quality, sugar free formula to support immune health and teeth and gum development in children.

Immune Health: Busy children are exposed to environments that may challenge their immune system. Formulated with vitamin C and zinc to help support healthy immune function.

Teeth & Gum Health: Vitamin C supports healthy collagen formation, which helps with the development and maintenance of teeth and gums in children.

Iron Absorption: Vitamin C assists with dietary iron absorption.

General Health: Vitamin C and zinc also contribute to healthy growth and development in children. Zinc supports healthy cognitive function, eye health and the maintenance of taste and smell.

Swisse Kids Vitamin C + Zinc has been formulated based on scientific evidence to provide a great tasting, natural strawberry flavoured formula to support your child’s general health and wellbeing.