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Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Healthe Dimethicone 4% Lotion 200ml

Dimethicone acts as a physical inhibitor, killing the lice by smothering the louse This odourless non-chemical lotion does not contain pesticides. Can be used on all hair types and multiple...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Licetec Robi Electronic Comb Unit

Use Robi Comb Pro for a Chemical Free Aproach to Detecting & Killing Head Lice Safe, Effective, Easy-To-Use. 1 AA battery operated (not supplied). Finally, Eliminate Head Lice Safely and...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Nit-Enz Head Lice Shampoo 250ml

Nit-Enz Completely Organic Shampoo is an effective, all natural solution created from the finest organic pine extracts and 100% pure citronella oil. It is completely non-toxic, the turpinols in the...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Nit-Enz Head Lice Repelant Spray 250ml

Nit-Enz Head Lice Repellent Hair Spray 250ml is created from a combination of pine extracts, citronella, honey, water and aloe vera. These are the same ingredients as our repellent hair spray, but with more cellulous added to create thicker texture. 
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Licetec Electric Comb - Safe and Effective Lice Removal

The Licetec Electric Comb is the ultimate solution for safely and effectively removing lice and nits. This compact and portable comb uses electronic pulse technology, making it a powerful yet...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Protech Lice Comb Triple Action

Narrow and extra-narrow spaced round tipped teeth give three times the combing effectiveness Row 1 - Gently detangles. Row 2 - Removes head lice. Row 3 - Removes eggs Non-slip...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Hedrin Headlice Liquid Gel 100ml Spray

Available in both a liquid gel and spray gel application Fast acting to shorten treatment time - works in just 15 minutes Clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Licetec V Comb A1 - Head Lice and Nit Remover with Advanced Suction Technology

Introducing Licetec V Comb A1 - the innovative solution for eliminating head lice and nits. With its advanced suction technology, manual pulling of lice or applying harmful chemicals is no...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Tendor Nit Lice Comb Single Assorted Colours

Tender Head Lice Combs effectively remove the nits from the scalp to avoid hatching or re-infestation. It is made up of fine teeth that are set close together to help...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Licener Head Lice Treatment 200ml

Licener is able to kill head lice and lice eggs (nits) in just one single application. Licener suffocates both by forming a coating that blocks the transport of oxygen. Kills...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Quitnits Complete Head Lice Kit

Treatment spray works in just 15 minutes with its new triple action technology – Treat, Defend and Detangle. Then follow with new egg removal shampoo with fruit acid to help...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Mr Nits Comb

Mr Nits Comb. Comb to remove nits and lice.
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Lice Tec Metal Nit Comb

Licetec Nit Comb is specially designed with quality rounded edged stainless steel teeth to remove head lice and eggs effectively from all hair types. Licetec Nit Comb comes in a...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Neutralice Advance Family Value Pack 457ml

Suitable for Sensitive Skin NeutraLice Advance is one of a new generation of pesticide-free head lice treatments. NeutraLice Advance stuns the lice respiratory spiracles open and blocks them to physically...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Quitnits Head Lice Comb Kit 2Pk And Cleaning Brush

Remove lice from your child's hair with the Quitnits Head Lice Removal Combs. Each pack contains two combs for long and short hair, which feature stainless steel teeth with rounded...
Anti Lice TreatmentsHAIR CARE

Licegone Spray 240ml

For head lice and eggs Easy Application No Resistance Works Fast Safe And Powerful LiceGone is a special combination formula designed for adult head lice infestation.