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FIRST AIDSupports Ankles And Feet

"Elastoplast Sport Wrap Around Ankle Support"

The Elastoplast Sport Wrap Around Ankle Support is the perfect solution for athletes or anyone suffering from ankle sprains or injuries. Made by the reputable brand Elastoplast, this support provides...
FIRST AIDFirst Aid Accessories

"Spatula C&P Strgt 6 Inch - Essential Kitchen Tool"

Introducing the Spatula C&P Strgt 6 Inch - your new essential kitchen tool! This straight spatula is perfect for a variety of cooking tasks, whether you're flipping pancakes or frosting...
FIRST AIDFirst Aid Accessories

"Surepress Padding for Wound Care - 10cm x 3m - Soft and Versatile"

Surepress Padding is an essential product for anyone who needs wound care. It comes in a convenient size of 10cm x 3m and comes in a quantity of one. This...

"USL Day Rigid Twin Pack 38mm Flesh Rings for Enhanced Intimacy"

Introducing the USL Day Rigid 38mm Twin pk Flesh, the ideal addition to your intimate moments. This product includes a twin pack of 38mm rings that are designed to enhance...
FIRST AIDPlasters And Dressings

Adaptic Na Dress 3X3 2012

ADAPTIC 3 x 3 Inch Non-Adhering Dressing (Systagenix 2012) is comprised of mesh infused with petrolatum to be extra gentle to the wound bed during dressing change. It is recommended to...
Antiseptic And Burns ProductsFIRST AID

Afterbite Cream 50g

AfterBite is formulated to relieve minor rashes and bites/stings from all biting insects. (Mosquitoes, sandflies, wasps, bees, plant rashes, and jellyfish stings). After Bite is Natural, Safe and really works....
Antiseptic And Burns ProductsFIRST AID

Afterburn Lotion 100ml

Aids healing of minor burns. Pharmexa AfterBurn 100 ml aids healing of sunburn and other minor burns.Highly effective unique formula that aids in rapid healing process.Prevents infection.Aids in cooling and relieves...
FIRST AIDSanitising

Alcohol Wipes 160Pk

QSI’s medical grade, antibacterial surface disinfecting wipes have been specifically created to clean and disinfect most surfaces by eliminating 99% of bacteria. Clinical wipes render bloodborne pathogens inert.
FIRST AIDFirst Aid Accessories

Alcon Balanced Salt Irrigating Solution 15ml

BSS Sterile Irrigating Solution is an isotonic solution for use in irrigating tissues of the eyes.
FIRST AIDPlasters And Dressings

Allevyn Adh Wound Drsng 12.5cmx 12.

FIRST AIDPlasters And Dressings

Allevyn Adhesive Dressing 7.5X7.5cm -10 Box

ALLEVYN Adhesive Wound Dressing 7.5X7.5mmX10
FIRST AIDPlasters And Dressings

Allevyn Life Dressing 10.3X10.3cm 10Pk

ALLEVYN Life Dressing 10.3x10.3cm 10pk
Antiseptic And Burns ProductsFIRST AID

Apicare Manuka Therapy 30% 50g

Apicare manuka therapy skin cream contains a large amount of active manuka honey to sooth and calm dry skin. The manuka honey maximises the healing property of the cream and...
FIRST AIDSanitising

Avagard Surgical Hand Scrub 500ml :

For use as a broad spectrum antimicrobial surgical hand scrub. Contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) for residual and cumulative efficacy. Gentle on the skin with added moisturisers and emollient. pH balanced....
FIRST AIDHot And Cold Packs

B&D Bd-Wc02 Hot/Cold Gel Wrap - Black

The B&D Bd-Wc02 Hot/Cold Gel Wrap in black is a versatile accessory that provides relief from muscle pains and injuries. This wrap is perfect for both hot and cold therapies,...
FIRST AIDTapes And Wrap Around Bandages

Bamford Crepe Bandage 10cm

Extra Flexibility. Fabric that moves with you, good for elbows, knees and fingers. Cut to size. Economical, designed to provide the right amount of dressing for your needs.