Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), nausea, food poisoning, gas, bloating, GERD and diarrhea are common examples. Many factors may upset your GI tract and its motility (ability to keep moving), including: Eating a diet low in fiber. Try Metamucil Fibrecaps 100s
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Antacids Or Gastric ProductsGASTRO-INTESTINAL

Acidex 500ml

Acidex Heartburn & Indigestion Liquid brings fast, soothing and long lasting relief from the discomfort of heartburn and acid indigestion.  It can be used to treat gastric reflux, (a condition...
Antacids Or Gastric ProductsGASTRO-INTESTINAL

Alu Tab Tablets 600mg 100

Alutabs (Aluminium Hydroxide) is a type of antacid which contains aluminum. It is given to patients with kidney problems to help remove phosphate from the blood, thereby helping to prevent...
GASTRO-INTESTINALHaemorroid Products

Anusol Ointment 50g

Anusol Ointment is a treatment for haemorroids. It gives short term relief from the pain, itching, inflammation and swelling. They can also relieve the cushion of blood vessels and shrink...
GASTRO-INTESTINALHaemorroid Products

Anusol Suppositories 12

Anusol Suppositories provide prompt relief of haemorrhoidal discomfort. Anusol Suppositories relieves itching, burning and soreness of haemorrhoids and minor rectal inflammations and irritations. Provides lubrication, thus facilitating bowel movements.

Benefiber 44D 155g

Now it is easier than ever to add fibre to your diet with Benefiber, a 100% natural fibre that you can mix with almost anything. Its Taste free, Grit free,...

Bisacodyl Tab 5mg 200s - constipation relief tablets

Lax Tab 5mg 200s are a popular choice for anyone looking to relieve occasional constipation quickly and effectively. Made with the active ingredient bisacodyl, each tablet helps to stimulate bowel...

Blackmores Travel Calm Ginger 45s

Taken prior to travelling, ginger may ease the symptoms of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness.Active Ingredients: Zingiber officinale (Ginger) root powder 400mgDosage: Adults - Take two to three...
Antacids Or Gastric ProductsGASTRO-INTESTINAL

Buscopan Forte 20mg 10s

HYOSCINE BUTYLBROMIDE  What does it do? Hyoscine butylbromide is used to treat and prevent stomach cramps. How should you take it? Take hyoscine butylbromide as directed with a glass of...
Antacids Or Gastric ProductsGASTRO-INTESTINAL

Carafate 1G 120s

Carafate tablets 1g are used to treat acute, non-malignant peptic ulcers of the stomach (gastric ulcers) and of the small intestine (duodenal ulcers), which are caused by excess secretion of...

Coloxyl & Senna 30s

For the treatment of constipation. Active Ingredients: Docusate Sodium 50mg, Total Sennosides (calculated as Sennoside B) 8mg Dosage: Take 1 or 2 tablets at night, increase up to 4 tablets...

Coloxyl & Senna 90s

Coloxyl with senna has a dual-action that can assist you when you are suffering from constipation. It provides both stimulant (senna) to encourage the return of normal bowel movement and...

Coloxyl 120mg Tablets for Constipation Relief (100 count) - Docusate Sodium Formula

Coloxyl 120mg 100s is a gentle and effective solution for people experiencing occasional constipation. With its dosage of 120mg and a quantity of 100 tablets, it offers a cost-effective option...

Coloxyl 50mg 100s

Coloxyl 50mg is a regular strength stool softener formulated for relief of more persistent constipation. It contains the active ingredient, docusate sodium, which gradually restores regularity over 1 to 3...
Antacids Or Gastric ProductsGASTRO-INTESTINAL

Colpermin 20s

Colpermin IBS Relief Capsules contain natural peppermint oil formulated in a sustained release capsule, clinically proven to provide effective, targeted relief from the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These capsules...

Combantrin 1 Chocolate Squares 4s

Single dose treatment of threadworm. Combantrin combats threadworms and the rare worms, roundworm and hookworm, in just one hit. The dosage is tailored to treat your family, from babies of...