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Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Nexcare Sensitive Skin Eye Patch Regular 14

Nexcare™ Sensitive Skin Eye Patches feature a silicone based, adhesive technology that delivers reliable fixation for the most sensitive area around eyes, with clean and gentle removal. Ideal for fragile...
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Surgipack Half Eye Patch Padding Soft Black (Pack Of 5)

Use to hold dressings in place and to protect an injured eye.
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Propax Sterile Eye Pads 40s

Made from absorbent wadding and covered with non-woven rayon, these 6 cm x 7.5 cm eye pads
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Nexcare Gentle Removal Eye Patch Reg 14s

Ideal for sensitive skin, the Nexcare™ Gentle Removal Eyepatch is a great option for repeat applications due to the gentle adhesive. Only to be used as part of your eye...
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Propax Eye Dressing Set 30

PROPAX Eye Dressing Set 30
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Nexcare Opticlude Junior (1537)

-Highly breathable backing - 10 times better than Coverlet brand.-Comfortable to wear.-Absorbent nonstick pad.-Ideal for treating Strabismus (lazy eye) and for use on tender skin.-Extra gentle, hypoallergenic adhesive.
Eye ProtectionEye Protection

Nexcare Opticlude Regular (1539)

Designed for comfortable vision-occlusive therapy. Provides a highly breathable backing that sticks well, yet removes easily. Nexcare(TM) Opticlude(TM) Orthoptic Eye Patch is used to treat amblyopia in children. Amblyopia, or...