Self Help Information

 Information Leaflets:


1. Antibiotic_support

2. Asthma_and_Respiratory

3. Colds_and_Flu

4. Common_Eye_Problems


6. Depression_and_Anxiety

7. Diabetes

8. Dry_Skin_Conditions

9. Fever_and_pain_in_children

10. Healthy_Weight

11. Heart_failure

12. Heartburn

13. Hearing_Loss

14. High_Blood_Cholesterol

15. Hypothyroidism

16. Insomnia

17. Iron_Deficiency

18. Low_Back_Pain

19. Osteoarthritis

20. Sinusitis

21. Skin_Tears

22. Stress_and_Sleep


If you just need some health advice, some of the best sites are below:

Or you can call Healthline 24/7 for health advice on 0800 611 116 


If you need to go to an Emergency Department and…

  1. you are in West Auckland, go to Waitakere Hospital
  2. you are in North Auckland, go to North Shore Hospital
  3. you are in Central Auckland, go to Auckland Hospital
  4. you are East or South Auckland, go to Middlemore Hospital

OR If it is for a child less than 16 years of age; Starship Hospital


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