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ADAPTIC 3 x 3 Inch Non-Adhering Dressing (Systagenix 2012) is comprised of mesh infused with petrolatum to be extra gentle to the wound bed during dressing change.

It is recommended to apply an absorbent secondary dressing when wound exhibits drainage. The knitted cellulose acetate mesh fibers facilitate the transfer of exudate through ADAPTIC into an absorbent secondary dressing. This manages wound exudate to prevent maceration. Another benefit to the knit fabric is it makes it easy to cut the dressing to match the wound size without worry of it unraveling or linting.

ADAPTIC Dressing is ideal for burns, grafts, ulcers, lacerations and more. You can try out a single ADAPTIC 3 x 3 Inch Strip Non-Adhering Dressing. Bulk purchasing is also available with a box of 50 and case of 600 dressings. You may also want to check out with non-adhering properties but with the ability to wick exudate from the wound bed.

Features and Benefits

  • Fibers Can Be Cut to Size
  • Petrolatum and Mesh Make Dressing Easy to Remove
  • Minimizes Wound Trauma During Dressing Changes
  • Mesh Allows Movement of Wound Exudate to Secondary Dressing