Air Lift Fresh Breath Capsules 40

Mouthwash & Breath Fresheners

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Fight bad breath in a natural way Air-lift effectively fights bad breath in a natural way, from inside out,especially when you have had food with garlic, curries, spicy items any thing that can come back through your mouth, as well as your skin works within 20 minutes. Based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other essential oils. Air-Lift does not contain any aggressive ingredients, safe for daily use with out staining teeth or drying out the mouth. How to use Swallow 1-2 capsules with water as needed, works within 20 minutes.Maxium 8 Capsules per day. Only for Adults. Do not use during pregnancy.

Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive oil, fish gelatin, glycerine, parsley oil, peppermint oil, water, chlorophyll, oil, menthal oil.