Apicare Protect Me BeesWax Lip Balm 4.5g

Lip Balms

SKU: 2099799

After introducing Revive Lip Balm we were asked to do a lip balm with a sun protection factor in it and in a wind up stick. So we did. The pure New Zealand beeswax base helps reduce moisture loss from the skin and produces a great protective barrier. Same great formula as Revive Me Lip Balm but with the addition of SPF15 for use in all weathers.

Key Benefits

• A non-petrolatum lip balm based on natural ingredients. 
• An SPF15 added for extra sun protection. 
• Contains therapeutic essential oils.
• This lip balm really will repair badly damaged skin.

The water repelling properties of beeswax helps to sustain the sunscreens action for longer, and its elastic properties make it the ideal protective emollient for really staying on lips