Apicare Repair Me Intensive Hand Cream 70g

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SKU: 2381281

Repair me Intensive Treatment handcreme gives fast, long lasting relief to very dry, flaky skin. Relieves the uncomfortable, tight sensation of dry skin and the discomfort caused by chaffing & minor splits. UMF15+ Manuka honey heals small cuts & cracks in the skin. Calendula oil with its potent & complex array of phytonutrients helps with natural healing. Repair me is a great solution for people that are required to perform regular, repeated hand washing like nurses and hairdressers and folk that work with chemicals & drying agents that damage and deplete the skins natural balance .

Please note: We are now using a new natural preservative in our Repair me handcremes. You will see the new box shows 100% natural and the tubes shows 99% natural. This is because we still have tubes showing 99% natural, and we believe it would irresponsible to throw these tubes away.