Astroglide Personal Lubricant 148mL

Condoms & Lubricants

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Astroglideis the next generation of personal lubricants.Water-basedandwater-soluble, Astroglide is designed to mimic thebody's natural fluids. Astroglide enhances sexual pleasure, relieves vaginal dryness and makes condom use more enjoyable.

Astroglideis the preferred choice for Womenbecause: It does not contain anything that has hormone activity. It can be used in conjunction with prescribed treatments. It does not contain animal fat and has not been tested on animals. It is not sticky. It does not become gritty. It does not dry out. It is water soluble. It is compatible with condoms, diaphragms and tampons. It offers safe, long lasting and sustained lubrication.

Regardless of age, dryness can be a problem.Menopauseis the most frequent cause, butchildbirth/nursing, stress and certain medications including, oral contraceptives, allergy pills - even strenuous exercisecan cause dryness. It can be mild or quite severe, with symptoms ranging fromburninganditchingto bleeding andpain during intercourse. These symptoms can be easily relieved with Astroglide, awater-based, pH-balanced personal lubricants.