Blackmores Bio Zinc Tabs 168s


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  • Helps maintain healthy, supple, elastic skin
  • Supports acne-prone skin and dermatitis
  • Supports wound healing
  • Supports the production of healthy sperm and helps maintain a normal healthy sperm count
  • Supports immunity and helps maintain resistance to infection
  • Supports the bodys defences against free radicals
  • Includes co-factors to support the actions and utilisation of zinc

Zinc is essential to good health and is found in every cell of the body. It is involved in many enzymatic reactions, and plays an important role in the bodys antioxidant defences against free radicals.

Zinc is important for healthy skin and is involved in normal oil gland function and the repair of wounds and other skin problems. Consequently zinc supplements may provide extra support for acne-prone skin, slow-healing wounds, and minor skin problems such as dermatitis.

Adequate intake of zinc is also important for immunity, which may be compromised if zinc levels are low.

Zinc helps maintain the senses of vision, taste and smell, and low levels may contribute to problems with taste or smell.

Zinc plays an essential role in the male reproductive tract, where it is involved in the production of healthy sperm.

In Blackmores Bio Zinc, zinc is accompanied by vitamin A (which is also required for healthy immune function and the maintenance of healthy skin), manganese (which works with zinc to support the bodys antioxidant defences), and magnesium and vitamin B6 (both of which are involved in zinc metabolism).