Blackmores Cod Liver Oil 1000mg 80s


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  • High potency
  • Rich natural source of vitamins A and D
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports calcium absorption and helps maintain strong, healthy bones
  • Supports skin health

Blackmores Cod Liver Oil 1000mg is a rich natural source of the fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

Vitamin A is essential for the formation of healthy epithelial cells, such as the mucus-producing cells of the respiratory and digestive tracts, which act as one of the bodys first lines of defence against infection. It is also important for skin health.

Vitamin D supports the absorption and utilisation of calcium, and consequently is important for building and maintaining strong healthy bones. In older people, vitamin D also supports muscle strength, which in turn supports balance and stability, reducing the likelihood of falling over.