Boston Advance Conditioner Solution 120ml

Contact Lens Solutions

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Bausch & Lomb Boston Advance Conditioning Solution is a specially formulated solution for rigid gas permeable (RGP) and hard contact lenses. It contains a patented, multi-polymer comfort system that binds and coats the surface of the lens. It cushions the lens upon insertion and maintains and enhances lens wetablity throughout the day. The patented multi-polymer system of Boston Advance Conditioning Solution reduces friction against both the cornea and the eyelid while removing particulate matter that may cause irritation and discomfort. This formula is designed to be biocompatible with your eyes. It also contains an optimised preservative system that is effective in destroying harmful organisms on the surface of RGP and hard contact lenses. Boston Advance Conditioning Solution is indicated for the use of fluoro silicone acrylate, silicone acrylate and rigid gas permeable contact lenses after the lenses have been cleaned. It is also recommended for use with PMMA lenses. How to useBausch & Lomb Boston Advance Conditioning Solution: To ensure proper disinfecting, all steps listed below must be followed: Wash your hands with mild soap. (Caution pump soaps may contain oil-based suspension agents.) After cleaning with Original Formula Boston? Cleaner and rinsing thoroughly with fresh tap water, place lenses in empty lens case and fill to top ridges with fresh Boston Original Formula Conditioning Solution. Soak lenses for at least four (4) hours (or overnight) before wearing. Always use fresh solution for soaking and storing lenses. After removing lenses from the lens case, apply fresh Boston Original Formula Conditioning Solution to wet lenses for additional cushioning, if desired, and insert. Thoroughly clean interior of lens case with hot water and air dry after each use. Discard solution ninety (90) days after opening. Record date opened in space provided on bottle label. Note: When used daily, this solution will be depleted before ninety (90) days.