Brilliance 43 Red Passion

Hair Colour (Women)

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Directions / Dosage

Easy to use:
For an intense colour result.
Simply add the Live Brilliance creme into the developer bottle and shake it well.
Apply the Colour creme mixture to DRY hair. Allow to develop for approx. 30 minutes, then rinse.
Massage with the specially developed Live Brilliance Colour-Shine Conditioner. It protects your hair and visibly enhances the brilliance of your colour.

On long or thick hair and for the first application we recommend using two packs of Live Brilliance.


Intense, brilliant colours - Extra long-lasting.
Discover Live Brilliance from Schwarzkopf for intense and extra long-lasting hair colour. Live Brilliance with Colour Protect formula offers intense colours, that conserve their colour brilliance for a considerably longer period of time - as fascinating and everlasting as a diamond.

Colour protect - for Extra long-lasting colour.
With the Colour Protect Formula from Live Brilliance - the colours remain intense and shiny. The active Colour Protect component of Live Brilliance seals the colour pigments within your hair. After being exposed to sunlight the colours remain intense and fresh.

Your colour result will depend on your natural hair colour.


Do not use product at all if:
You have already experienced any reaction to colouring products.
You have a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp.

In these cases, consult a doctor before using any hair colour product.
Product not intended to be used on children.