Buscopan Forte 20mg 10s

Antacids / Gastric Products

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What does it do? Hyoscine butylbromide is used to treat and prevent stomach cramps.

How should you take it? Take hyoscine butylbromide as directed with a glass of water.
What if you forget a dose? Should an occasional dose be missed it need not be taken later.
Can you take other medicines? Some medicines available without a prescription may react with hyoscine butylbromide including: some antihistamines (may be in anti-allergy, anti-nausea and cough/cold medicines)
Tell your pharmacist or doctor about all medicines or treatments that you may be taking, including vitamins, herbal products or recreational drugs. What side effects might you notice?

Side Effects
Fast or irregular heartbeat; Trouble peeing; changes in vision Dizziness; Flushing; Dry mouth; Constipation
If you notice any other effects, discuss them with your doctor or pharmacist.

Other information: Tell your doctor if you have liver, bowel, stomach, prostate, bladder or eye problems (e.g. glaucoma), or if you have a chronic muscle condition (e.g. myasthenia gravis).
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.
Hyoscine butylbromide may affect your vision making it dangerous to drive or operate machinery.