Epipen Junior Injection

Anaphylaxis Injections

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This medicine contains Adrenaline 150microgram/0.3mL and is a Pharmacist Medicine in NZ, therefore if you can please provide us with the following information to check this medicine is right for you. Please provide your answers by email to customerservice@nzonlinechemist.co.nz or we can email you and dispatch it upon your reply.

1) The name of the patient (if you are ordering for someone else).
2) How old is the patient and weight if under 12year of age.
3) What is the allergy? Has the Doctor recommended this?
4) If for a female, is the patient pregnant/breastfeeding?
5) Has the patient used this before?
6) Is the patient on any medications?
Please advise us if you have any questions.

Epipen Contains Adrenaline for anaphylaxis
If you have the following medical conditions, this medicine may not be suitable and you should check with your doctor first: ischaemic heart disease; severe angina; obstructive cardiomyopathy; hypertension; arrhythmias; cerebrovascular disease; occlusive vascular disease; arteriosclerosis; monitor blood pressure and ECG; cor pulmonale; organic brain damage; psychoneurosis; hyperreflexia; diabetes mellitus; hyperthyroidism; phaeochromocytoma; prostate disorders; hypokalaemia; hypercalcaemia; susceptibility to angle-closure glaucoma; elderly; restricted in sport

Side Effects may include:nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, anorexia, hypersalivation, arrhythmias, tachycardia, angina, myocardial infarction, pallor, palpitation, cold extremities, hypertension (risk of cerebral haemorrhage), dyspnoea, pulmonary oedema (on excessive dosage or extreme sensitivity), anxiety, tremor, restlessness, headache, insomnia, confusion, weakness, dizziness, psychosis, hyperglycaemia, urinary retention, difficulty in micturition, metabolic acidosis, hypokalaemia, tissue necrosis (at injection site and of extremities, bowel, liver and kidneys), mydriasis, angle-closure glaucoma, sweating

We supply all Epipens with the BEST EXPIRY possible in New Zealand as we order the Epipens directly from the supplier at the time of your order. For the current expiry date of the Epipen please visit the following website: http://mylan.co.nz/ConsumerProducts/EpiPen.aspx