Fess Sinu Cleanse Daily Wash Kit 60

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FESS Sinu-Cleanse Gentle Cleansing Daily Washes are a deep penetrating, non-medicated saline wash to help relieve moderate to severe nasal and sinus congestion and sinusitis. Fess Sinu-Cleanse is effective for daily use and post-operative care. FESS Sinu-Cleanse Daily Wash helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion due to colds, sinusitis, rhinitis and allergies by irrigating the nasal and sinus cavities with a large volume of saline solution. This helps wash away excess mucus, allergens and pollutants. Frequent sufferers of rhinitis and sinusitis may find that regular use of FESS Sinu-Cleanse may help decrease the use of medicated products. 

  • Helps to relieve nasal and sinus congestion
  • Washes away excess mucus and allergens
  • Gentle cleansing wash for post-operative care 

Directions: For best results use FESS Sinu-Cleanse once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor or specialist. Read instructions for use thoroughly before using.

  • Empty contents of one sachet into the FESS Sinu-Cleanse squeeze bottle
  • Pour previously boiled luke warm water into the bottle to the line marked 'FULL'
  • Place cap and tube onto the bottle and screw on tightly. Place finger over opening of cap and shake the bottle gently until the powder dissolves
  • Lean or bend over a basin and place the cap gently inside the right nostril ensuring the tip is pointed towards the back of your head. Keeping your mouth open, gently squeeze the bottle in a pulsing action. Whenever the soft squeeze bottle needs to fill with air, remove it from the nose before you release your hand pressure to prevent "suck back" and helps to keep the remaining solution clean
  • Allow approximately half of the solution to wash through the nasal passages and sinus cavity and come out of the left nostril
  • Using the remaining solution, repeat this process in your left nostril
  • If necessary, blow your nose when you have finished
  • Discard any remaining solution you do not intend using within the next 2 hours
  • Wash bottle, cap and tube thoroughly after each use and allow it to drip-dry
  • May be used in pregnancy and while breastfeeding 

Ingredients: contains:

  • Sodium Chloride - 9mg/g
  • Sodium Bicarbonate