GRIN on the Go Pack Pink/Blue Mix

Toothpastes & Whitening

SKU: 2539934

Travel can be hard on our bodies and on our chompers, which is why we have a NEW travel kit targeted specifically for your teeth. Nothing beats a minty-fresh mouth on arrival, and with Grin On The Go you're equipped with the essentials to combat that mouth-lag. 


  • 1x Grin 100% Natural Travel Cool Mint Toothpaste 20g
  • 1x Grin 100% Natural Travel Whitening Toothpaste 20g
  • 1x Grin Charcoal-infused Biodegradable Corn-starch Brush
  • 1x Biodegradable toothbrush sleeve to keep your brush head clean
  • 1x Grin eco-friendly, waterproof travel bag - big enough to fit your favourite skincare and makeup essentials too.