Health Essentials Acetone 100ml

Household Chemicals

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Well known as the main ingredient of nail polish remover, acetone also has a surprising number of other uses in the home including glass cleaning and even removing the kids scuff marks from walls.

  • Nail polish removerfor finger nails
  • May help remove nail polish spills from fabric- Always try and remove stains as soon as possible after spill. Pour acetone on the stain and gently blot it out. Do not rub in. Repeat until stain is removed and wash garment as normal
  • Shoe cleaner- Use undiluted on leather or fabric to clean shoes
  • Glass and Porcelain cleaner
  • China stain remover-Rub acetone over stains, using cotton bud. Then, wash and rinse china as normal
  • Ink and magic stain remover
  • Superglue dissolver
  • Solvent- Particularly good for oil and grease

Mixture to remove scuff marks from floors or walls

Mix 1 tablespoon of Home Essentials Acetone to 1 cup water, blend and then rub on floor or wall. Use a gentle cloth or brush that wont damage surface.

Warning:Always patch test before using acetone on any surface. Some surfaces may be specially prepared or coated. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer before attempting stain removal or cleaning.