Health Essentials Clove Oil 25ml

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Home Essentials Clove Oil is a useful essential for around the home. It contains natural health properties that may be used for minor cuts and scratches, as well as aid in providing temporary relief from toothache. It may also be used as a natural mould remedy and to help remove stains.

Benefits may include:

  • May help provide temporary relief from toothache.
  • May be used as a natural antiseptic to help clean minor cuts and scratches.
  • May provide protection against fungal infection.
  • May also be used as natural remedy to help remove mould.
  • May also be used to aid in remove stains.
  • If used in combination with Eucalyptus essential oils, it may be used as a nasal balm.

How to use this product:

  1. As toothache support - Dilute 2 drops of Home Essentials Clove Oil with a teaspoon of Home Essentials Olive Oil, then pour into a cotton wool ball. Insert down in between teeth to hold in place. Make sure to avoid contact with skin or tongue.
  2. As natural antiseptic - Use 2-3 drops of Home Essentials Clove Oil, per teaspoon of Home Essentials Almond or Olive Oil.

To remove mould

  • Add 3mls of Home Essentials Clove Oil to a 1 litre spray bottle of water and spray all over the mould.
  • Leave for a day and then scrub off.
  • You can use this in the bathroom and laundry.
  • You may also use this in getting mould off the back of curtains.

As nasal balm

  • Add 2 drops of Home Essentials Eucalyptus oil and 2 drops of Home Essential Clove oil to 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly.
  • Apply a dab under nose and rub a small amount into chest.
  • Avoid application near the eyes.