Healtheries Almond Oil 200ml

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Healtheries Almond Oil is ideal for cooking, salad dressing and skin care. Cold-pressed to retain the vitamins and minerals of the almond kernel.

Almond Oil is expressed by crushing the almond kernel which is grown throughout the Mediterranean and warmer regions of the United States and Australia. Almond Oil is a tasty addition to salads and mayonnaise or it can be used for the purpose of skin care, and is useful on chapped and roughened skin as well as cradle cap. Medicinally, Almond Oil is beneficial for the alleviation of tickling coughs and has a gentle laxative action.

Healtheries Cold Pressed Oils contain only the natural ingredients found in the original oil and have no added preservatives or antioxidants. Since all fats and oils will go rancid if exposed to the air or bright light, especially sunlight, these oils are packed in brown bottles and should be stored away from direct light.