Healtheries Boost Revive Effervescent 20s


SKU: 2528320

  • Healtheries Boost Revive is the fun, fast, fizzy (and caffeine-free) morning Vitamin B & C pick-me-up for busy people
  • B Complex vitamins keep your energy levels high during the day, while Vitamin C helps your body to deal better with stress
  • Boost Revive comes in effervescent tablets that dissolve quickly in water to create a liquid solution your body absorbs immediately
  • Available in tubes of 20 effervescent tablets

Ever have mornings when you wake up sluggish and tired, and all you want to do is just go straight back to bed? Wouldnt it be great if there was a healthy, caffeine-free way to boost your energy levels and help you make it through the day?

Healtheries Boost Revive effervescent tablets are fun, fast, fizzy, caffeine-free energy boosters that dissolve quickly in water to form an immediately-absorbed liquid solution. Each tablet provides high-strength B Complex vitamins plus Vitamin C to help recharge your mind and body. Remember: when it comes to energy, theres no boost like a BOOST boost!

  • Revitalising your body and mind (without caffeine) at the beginning of the day
  • Helping to reduce the effects of stress and worry
  • Boosting your energy levels if youre studying or have a physical job
  • Topping up your B complex vitamin levels if your dietary intake is low