Histoacryl Skin Glue/Cement 0.5ml

First Aid Accessories

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Compared with suturing or stapling, tissue adhesives offer several advantages in wound closure:

  • no pain from suture or staple stitches
  • saves time and costs (no local anaesthetics, no suture/staple removal, no second consultation)
  • antibacterial film protects the wound
  • no wound dressing necessary

For decades medical professionals around the world have put their trust into Histoacryl®, the first medical tissue adhesive based on cyanoacrylate. Histoacryl® is CE-marked and approved by the FDA. The successful application of Histoacryl® is described in more than 1.100 publications. Histoacryl®’s success is based upon its well-known advantages:

  • fast wound closure
  • superior tensile strength, as can be seen from the illustration below
  • simple and precise dosage due to slim cannula and blue dye
  • applying just one layer is enough
  • choice between blue and translucent version
  • showering possible